Mistake to avoid when buying medical insurance

Mistake to avoid when buying medical insurance

With the rising cost of healthcare services in the country, it makes sense to buy medical insurance to pay for medical bills instead of paying from personal savings. But it is also necessary to avoid…


Should you buy a health cover even if your employer is covering you?

There is no better incentive/perk than a group health insurance provided by an employer to his/her employee, considering the rising cost of medical treatments in India. A group health cover is extended to an employee…


Common medical insurance mistakes & steps to correct them

Listed below are some frequently committed grave errors while choosing a health insurance policy and ways to overcome them. 1. Concentrating only on the premium amount and deductible 2. Blindly deciding to buy what a…

Insurance terms more important than regulations

Insurance terms more important than regulations

When there is a conflict between the terms of an insurance policy and the guidelines issued by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) as a statutory authority, which will prevail? This dilemma has been resolved…


Dos and Don’ts before Taking Policy

• Fill the proposal form carefully and mention all the details clearly • Do not hide medical history • Do not hide facts like consumption of tobacco or alcohol, • If your profession involves risk…

60 of vehicles on Indian roads don’t have insurance   India News   Times of India

60% of vehicles on Indian roads don’t have insurance

Nearly 60% of the vehicles plying on Indian roads are uninsured, most of them motorcycles and scooters. The data has been complied by General Insurance Council (GIC), which represents the country’s general insurers. read more


Six important insurance decisions you should take in 2017

Insurance has come such a long way in India. Earlier, insurance seekers were also investors who would be awarded with a risk cover along with a saving and investment avenue. Stated below are six important…

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Health Insurance

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Health Insurance

This article will focus on the facts that need to be taken care of while purchasing a Health Insurance. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ADVISOR It is very important to choose a correct health insurance broker. He…


82% of urban middle-income Indians don’t have health insurance

A recent survey by BigDecisions, a personal finance advisory platform, shows that 82.2% of urban middle-income Indians do not have health insurance. Of the 17.8% who have health cover, it is adequate to meet less…


9 Tax saving investments to save lakhs on your income tax

Income tax is something all of us would like to reduce it to the maximum. PPF (Public Provident Fund) ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) FD (Fixed Deposits) NSC (National Saving Certificate) EPF (Employee Provident Fund)…