Check your insurance application form carefully

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When buying insurance a person actually enters into a contract between the insurance company and himself. As you must be aware all contracts are legal in nature and therefore you must be very careful in signing all insurance application forms.
Most of times it has been seen that an applicant does not even read the application form and signs it where ever the insurance representative tells him to sign.Please understand that these documents are the most important part of buying insurance. Buying insurance may be quite easy but getting your claims from the insurance company in an unfortunate event can be a difficult game if you are not careful at the beginning.

Important point to remember when buying insurance policy.

1)Never sign a blank application form..Never..Never
2)Make sure you fill the application form by yourself, your advisor may insist that he can do that boring job for you, but for your safety it’s better that you should do this boring job.
3)Always read the application form very carefully
4)Ask you advisors about any clause you do not understand
5)Do not provide any false information in the application form, even a single false information can be attributed to non payment of claims due.
6)When you receive the policy please read it carefully and check if the policy wordings says the same as promised by your advisor. Most of the insurance companies have a free look in period , where you can return the policy if you are not satisfied with the insurance policy.
7)Always remember to keep a photocopy of the submitted application form.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry..

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