Health Insurance India Should I Buy?

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The concept of health insurance or medical insurance is not very new in India, but still most Indian families do not have adequate health insurance cover. Many people still believe it to be a waste of money as they consider them selfs fit than most of their friends and relatives. One more belief is that if they buy a medical insurance they will definitely fall ill.

The fact is you cannot guarantee a good health by having a health insurance but you can easily overcome the financial burden in an unfortunate event of emergency hospitalisation of your dear ones. The cost of hospotalisation and medical expenses have increased manifold, A heart surgery which used to cost Rs. 1 lacs in the year 2000, now costs around Rs. 4 Lacs. If you ever visit a hospital for a treatment, the first thing they ask you is weather you have a health or mediclaim insurance. If you have a cover life is good , in case you do not have a health cover things will be different (Do check the expression of the person at the counter). Are there a different rate for people with or without health insurance cover ? well it is a very controversial issue and we will update about the facts in some another article.

Lets face it, a health insurance cover is a must in todays time. According to a recent study 70% of the disease across the world are directly related to unhealthy lifestyle. In brief 70% diseases are lifestyle diseases, such as Blood Pressure, Sugar & Health Disease etc. and more young people are falling prey to it.

You can avoid it ? Yes you can, Get up early in the morning around 5.30 am walk for 5 Km daily, Get down to yoga, drink 2 liters of water daily, eat more of green vegetables, stop eating process foods and junk foods, stop smoking and drinking, eat less , take no tensions , always be happy , breath only when the air is fresh without any pollution, do not run after money.. the list goes on. Can you do all this ? Assuming you can , but can you make all your family members do the same ?

It is not that people who buy health insurance are sick or going to be sick, the fact is they are smart and have planned well. Health insurance should be an integral part of your overall financial planning. Every one is working hard to earn and save money for a good life, one medical emergency of any of your family member can erode all you savings and make you financial weak.

In the coming years, We would be heading towards the same stage where America is today in terms of health care cost. Yes we are still cheaper than US and Other European Countries and many people from the west visit Indian form treatment. Insurance is good and bad at the same time, one of the reason of high medical cost can be attributed to insurance. The figures are quite evident, look at the treatment cost before and after year 2000 when private insurance companies were allowed to do business and you will realise the difference.

So, make a good financial plan for you yourself and put health insurance at the top priority .

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