Pet Insurance in India

Pet Insurance Coverage

You all must be very well aware of the fact that the Insurance Industry has come out to be one of the most successful sectors of late. This industry has witnessed a steady growth with respect to the different types of policies that are made available, number of people who are taking up these policies and so also individuals who are moving towards insurance in search of a long-term career. We often understand insurance as that particular cover, which helps human beings to keep their life and property protected against any and all kinds of risks altogether. However, you will be surprised to know that insurance is not restricted to an individual’s life and property only.

Today, you can even get hold of Pet Insurance in India. Most of us happen to be extremely fond of pets, which is why we tend to make some or the other pet a part of our family. Moreover, like we individuals are exposed to risks so are our pets. This is where Pet Insurance can come to our rescue by helping us to get sufficient coverage against the risks that our pets are exposed to.

Pet Insurance happens to be a very new concept that has just recently held base in India. A good number of people who have pets of their own are getting them insured under the pet insurance policy. The pet insurance policy is known to offer coverage in two different areas. First and foremost, is the universal area in which coverage is offered, which is nothing, but paying towards the veterinary expenses just in case your pet falls ill or meets with an accident and needs treatment. The other area revolves around the pet’s owner receiving the payments in case of the death of the insured pet. The first area is taken care of by almost all the insurance service providers who are in the pet insurance policy business. However, the second clause is applicable to only a few insurance service providers.

As you all must be well aware, cats and dogs happen to be two such pets that are commonly found in majority of the households. Hence, as far as the pet insurance policy is concerned, the chances of getting cats and dogs insured are on the higher side as compared to other animals at large. This is one such central reason that has led to a number of insurance service providers offering personalized pet insurance plans to suit your pet’s individual needs and requirements.

A good number of insurance service providers who happen to operate in the Indian markets have gone ahead and rolled out pet insurance policies. Some of the common names that are operating in this particular business include Oriental Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, New India Assurance Co, National Insurance Co and United India Insurance Co to list down a few. The pets that are commonly insured by these companies include dogs, horses as well as elephants. If you have a pet who is yet to be insured, then in that case it is high time that you get hold of an appropriate insurance service provider who is operating in the pet insurance business and eventually go ahead and get an apt policy for your pet.


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Pet Insurance Coverage

Pet Insurance in India

You all must be very well aware of the fact that the Insurance Industry has come out to be one of the most successful sectors of late. This industry has witnessed a steady growth with…

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