Why health insurance is important for women

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It is imperative to understand the need for health insurance which can save women from a huge financial crisis in the time of a medical emergency. The cost of hospitalisation and speciality medical treatments are so expensive today, it is almost impossible to bear that cost by self without necessary support from insurance.

Women-specific products

There are women-specific products in the market that cater only to women-specific needs and critical illnesses. However, there is no special premium pricing for those products. Though not all companies offer women-specific products, some companies have policies that provide extra benefits like maternal benefits and child care. Also, there are products catering to various age groups and life stages of a woman. Although the benefits of every product differ from policy to policy, few of the common ones are mentioned below:
Cashless hospitalisation at any of the insurance company’s network of hospitals
Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses
Cost of health check-up at authorised centres

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