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About HDFC Life Click 2 Invest- Ulip (C2I)?

It doesn't matter whether you are a rank beginner, proficient or expert investor; C2I is useful for every kind of individual with its personalised and other services that helps one successfully invest in its 8 funds.This makes C2I a highly service-oriented investment offering.

Personalised fund portfolio guidance
Based on your personal details like age, marital status, and details of family, income, expenses and future needs, you can get personalised online fund recommendations.

Performance updates
You get to track the progress of your investments through monthly updates, such as email and SMS, and on any developments in matters of regulation or taxation.

Updates on market trends
You receive regular updates on major developments and outlook of the market, be it debt, equity or both, in which your fund has invested.

Benefit of fund manager recommendations
C2I investors receive regular recommendations on managing their funds. These are prepared by in-house research analysts. This helps fine-tune investments to meet individual needs.

Instant fund switching and premium re-direction
C2I allows investors to move their invested money among the 8 funds, instantly and online. Future premiums can also be re-directed to the selected funds in a new proportion.

Twin Tax Saving Advantage
Premiums paid for C2I are eligible for annual tax deduction of upto Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C. That's not all. The proceeds on maturity are free from tax under Section 10(10)D. The twin tax advantages further enhance growth of your money and ensure that you save more than many other competing investment categories.

A Ulip with no policy allocation or administration charges
Most Ulips have either or both of premium allocation and policy administration charges, which average around 4% during the first 5 years, and then around 2% till the end of the premium paying term. C2I is one of the products currently available in India, which has no policy allocation or administration charges. This means more of the premium gets invested for growth and you save much more.

No discontinuance charges
Most life insurance plans have a discontinuance fee if you stop paying a premium and do not revive the policy within the next two consecutive years. C2I investors don't have to pay any such charge. So, after unavoidable circumstances where policy gets discontinued, you get the value of your fund after maturity or surrender, without any deductions.

Low annual Fund Management Charge (FMC)
A low Fund Management Charge (FMC) of 1.35% p.a. is levied in C2I. This is among the lowest fund management charges. Also, it is charged on a daily basis, and so, does not impact the fund value significantly at once. Again, the lower charges effectively enhance the growth of your money and help you save more.

Low mortality charges
Every life insurance plan charges the policyholder mortality charges for providing life insurance coverage. In C2I, not only is this charge low, it also gradually comes down during the term of the plan.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP's) : Introduction

A Unit linked insurance plans are a special kind of insurance policies which have a benefit of life insurance and also serves as an investment tool. In a unit linked insurance plan there are two parts in the premium a client pays, the first part of the premium goes into covering the life of the policy holder and the second part goes into investments.

Almost all insurance companies give their customers a choice to select the investment mix. They can go for 100% equity funds or 100% debt funds or a mixture of both. In a unlit linked insurance plan the customers are also given choice to switch from one fund to another. The returns from the insurance policy is directly related to the performance of the funds. The only drawback of unit linked insurance plans is its charges for first few years, which varies from 30% to 70% of the premium.

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